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The optimal tool for creating management reports and presentations.

biAnalytics Office is another biAnalytics tool that you can add on to biAnalytics Web. The Microsoft Office add-on enables you to create reports in Word, Excel or PowerPoint with live data from your data sources – without having to leave Microsoft office.

You therefore have access to the same efficient functions that are already available in the biAnalytics Web tool: From searching through several data sources and creating views through to combining data sources and, of course, visualising your data in a PowerPoint or Word file. The best thing is: You do not have to learn a new tool because you are already familiar with Microsoft Office!

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The best way to create management reports

Erhebliche Zeitersparnis bei der Erstellung Ihrer Managementberichte

biAnalytics Office has been specially developed to simplify the creation of management reports or presentations. You start off in Microsoft Office, i.e. an Excel, Word or PowerPoint file. After installation, biAnalytics Office is located as a tab on the Office ribbon bar (from Office 2007) at the top of the window. Here you have access to all functions provided by biAnalytics.

So können Sie zuerst eine Verbindung zu einer vorhandenen Datenquelle, wie zum Beispiel Google, SAP BW oder einer MySQL Datenbank herstellen. Eine vollständige Liste der aktuell verfügbaren Datenquellen finden Sie im Bereich Datenquellen.

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You can visualise your data after the connection to a data source is established. For this we offer a range of different visualisation options from animated HTML5 charts and graphomate charts through to Google Maps.

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You can now embed visualisations of your data into your presentation or report. For example, the look and feel of Microsoft Office is maintained if you use Microsoft Office charts. Even your corporate design settings stored in Office are adopted. The crucial advantage is that the data comes live from the source system. This means no mistakes due to manual transfer can occur, you are spared painstaking work when gathering data and finally, you can update your data each month at the push of a button.

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It is not only the addition and visualisation of your data that is possible with biAnalytics Office. You get access to the most important features within Microsoft Office because of the efficient open bi server technology.

For example, you can link data sources across a common field with one another, therefore creating a fusion cube. This is created at runtime and therefore does not change any in your source system. Calculated key performance indicators are also possible by adding new virtual KPIs to your reports. This means you can calculate fields that are not even available in your database but which make your reports even clearer and more understandable.

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