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The central access point to all your data

The idea behind our analytics Cloud

biAnalytics was developed with the goal of creating a unique software that made it possible to analyse all data from a central source. Do not spend any more time switching between different providers' reports, but create your own reporting with data that is most important to you.

The biAnalytics cloud offers you the possibility of having an overview of all your data from a central source. You can link biAnalytics with your data sources yourself with just a few clicks. We already have connectors to the most important data sources, which you can directly connect after registration. We will be happy to connect other data sources for you, simply get in touch with us!

Decide for yourself which data is most important to you and create reports and dashboards according to your preferences.

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The right
Tools for your needs

biAnalytics provides solutions for different kinds of reporting requirements. That is why we offer different tools that can be used with biAnalytics to improve your reporting with a solution-orientated approach.

biAnalytics Web

Start with the biAnalytics Web tool. This is your online access point to the cloud, which you can conveniently use on your desktop computer as well as on your laptop or mobile device via the browser. From connecting your data sources and creating your personalised reports through to creating complex dashboards or other CMS websites, biAnalytics web is the right tool!

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biAnalytics Office

Do you prefer working with Microsoft Office? Do you have reports in PowerPoint, Excel or Word that you want to fill with (live) data from your data sources? Then biAnalytics Office is just the thing for you! Set up the tool as an add-on for Microsoft office and create reports in the blink of an eye without having to leave Microsoft Office.

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It's your choice!

Whether you are looking for a flexible cloud solution or a taylormade enterprise mode, with biAnalytics you always find the right solution.